We’d like to thank you for choosing our site as both buyers and sellers. We hope to create a comfortable place for these interactions to take place. We must remember that sex work is still work, so please do not expect any product without paying; you wouldn’t just give away your time and labor for free, please don’t expect anyone else to.


We highly recommend exploring through your profile settings and figuring out how to play with your privacy. It is entirely up to you what you post and who you post to. Also, if you have any questions about our privacy policy or terms of service, you can simply scroll down to the bottom of any page, and the links are there.


For the Sellers:

You can set up a marketplace store for you personally with different products in said store. You

set it up with your financial information and you keep all profit. We will never ask you

for commission or fees.


For Everyone:

This site is free. We do have a $9.99/month subscription, which you will want if you want the option to go live, upload larger files and download photos.


Play around, get familiar with the site, and just have at it.

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