on January 10, 2021
Check out this one guys! 🤯👀💯🤤💲
I personally work in partnership with an unpublished list of these verified sellers. Why am I letting you know this? Because these women are sacred to me and I look to protect them and make sure that none of you are able to cheat them anymore! If you are not going to buy do not contact a seller end of story. These women are not here to be a piece of meat, to have sex with you in person, or to give away free shit because you think you're smooth! We go through an extensive amount of tireless effort to make sure that you have the opportunity to purchase from the real model and creator we do not allow scams we do not allow stolen content we do not allow unverified sales in any way I don't know how many times a day we have to teach you this and tell you this and that's why everybody's getting deleted that's not verified and has caused any problems so, let us treat these women with the respect that they deserve for their goddesses and they are blessing us with content of everything that they are and some of them are not even comfortable doing such but you enjoy them don't you boys? So with that being said if you try this with any of my models that are not identifiable in any way on here to be one of my models, you will feel the wrath of the entire app come down on you for trying to steal and manipulate a good thing because this society wants something from nothing all the time, not here and not today junior! So if you can't look at the pictures they already have posted and you can't have a 10 minute conversation tops or 20 question game to learn these women like I do then you have no intention of buying and you need to quit wasting their time because their time is money and you're hurting everybody here that is here for the right reasons and that stops now! Much love to all you ladies if you have any issues and you can't get a hold of one of the admins please let me know and I will do my best to help 💯💲🔞🙏🏽🤑😍🗝️😉☯️✅💯
PS. Anybody looking to become a seller that has not upgraded or been deleted already please upgrade to stay or contact me immediately for alternative option in order to still be with this platform developer and we will discuss in private because I am not trying to solicit here but I want you ladies to know that I will do everything I can to help you on your endeavors with no promises other than I will not charge you for anything and I will not be taking anybody from this app anywhere else unless there's no option or there's a good reason I'm not here to steal members again I work with the owner of this app to help maintain and grow the best I can and that is why my foot has been put down because the ones that I have had a pleasure of getting to know have shared their story with me and what most don't know is buyers is why most of you are sellers welcome to the covid pandemic where nobody has money and everybody wants money keep your heads high keep your spirits strong and know that we will all get through this together!
The cut throat mentality of this industry has to go immediately! We have got to stop stepping on each other to try to make it to the next step we work together everybody can make it to the next step and that is what I am here to do for all of you all I ask in return is that you're willing to work with each other to make things work and gain traction because you don't build a following overnight and the bills won't wait three months. So if we help each other everyone can have a better shot!
I have some ideas and I have made a few contacts with some already established sellers on a few different sites, they have agreed to do some shout outs in order to help the models that I have agreements with primarily start to gain some fans I say primarily because once those buyers are over here to check out these models they will be over here and that is when we work as a team to make sure that they never want to leave! If any of you sellers have successfully sold on this site already I would like for us all to work together to come up with a verified buyers unofficial list per se so we can start eliminating more efficiently the social engineers like I used to be before they can make their payday.
So let's recap main points, only purchase from the diamond cellars only ask for the pictures already published for your viewing at for free, do not waste hours of these girls time if you're not willing to pay because you're taking them away from a potential sale elsewhere if convincing you that they're worth it is your game and I know this because I play it better than any of you could ever want to play! Also if you were disrespectful in any way and I hear about it I promise you I'll make it your worst day because these women are family to me and around about way and if it wasn't for them you would not have the opportunity that the developer has provided you and I and all of us as a whole today! It only takes that one bad Apple and we've got more than one ruin in this batch not for long though! So please don't have some respect if you wouldn't want somebody to do it to your mama don't do it to these goddesses better mothers as well and we will all get along great if you play fair and show appreciation as well.
With all of that said and done this is the last warning for me son. Ladies I love each and every one of you for you are the most sacred thing on this Earth that's true. I promise you that I don't make promises unless I feel that I've already been able to follow through, money I cannot guarantee to provide for you but relentless effort that I can do! Happy selling and happy buying with the utmost respect I appreciate you for trying keep your head up because together we will make this thing fly. Now let's all get back to it and have a good time, I think it would be great if every buyer would be willing to participate and purchasing at least one item of content from each verified seller today! Hopefully you can beat me to it because if it hasn't been done before I get my next pay then I the example will be how you can support each and every one of these beautiful women today. There's absolutely no reason that their effort and their willingness to provide you with what you are seeking should have to go and pay you're not married to him you don't pay their bills obviously cuz you won't even pay for the content they make so there we are the truth been told from this night forward no more warnings will be told!
Every woman on here that is a seller has my permission to contact me in the DM and get my contact info needed in case the protector is needed. It is the man's job as a lawyer and a man to protect the women and children and still learn from them if it wasn't for our mothers and the matriarch we would not exist with the patriarch let's show them that we can respect them as they once were an end this degrading humiliating stigma that surrounds them in their blessing us with their most natural worth! I'm a long-winded person but this needed to be said and thank you to anyone who has read this to the end if you have read this from top to bottom please comment below not a problem and I will let you know with screenshots of course if there's any actions taken that needs recourse!
Ladies and gentlemen if you could be so kind please put on your profile about me one of the two emojis at the top so we can easily identify what your reason for being here is if you're a buyer place the following emoji in your name or bio if you would 🗝️
Sellers if you would be willing to place this to the same zone this will identify you as well as a seller alone 🤑
If you're like me and you're willing to sell and you're willing to pay to see then put these together in this combination for me 🤑🗝️💲
Don't waste our time these three emojis can save everybody the headache of wasting time and any models who seek any extra help for guidance a master this I am not but willing to help you where I can is who I am I've got anonymous group of sellers put together who privately discuss how to make us all better you want to be in lake Flynn shoot me a DM and we can get you in to the circle of sellers who are no longer trying to take away from each other but help each other learn and grow so nobody else has to lose their souls
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