The One

Turn-Ons: I like a shy helpless individuals.

Turn-Offs: Bullies

Hobbies: Love being outdoors, shooting pool, playing darts, music, and living life.

Motto: I believe smiling is contagious and we should do it as much as possible.

About Me: I'm willing to try new things I'm ready for a change in life a different direction. I reside in Ohio and I am a single mother of my olderest whom is 15 years old. I have been a barmaid for 15 years and due to COVID-19 I have been unemployed.


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Turn-Ons: I like an individual who likes to share orgasm, someone who loves oral sex and isn't scared to ask for what he wants in bed

Turn-Offs: some one who doesn't know what they want or way too scared to say 😉

Hobbies: working out, I Love the beach, cooking and being with nature

Motto: Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."

About Me: I'm 4'9" ( super short but dynamite comes in small packages 😝) I'm a mom of 3 . I use to work for a home health company but due to covid I have been unemployed. Hopefully one day things will go back to normal 🤞.
One day my dream is to live on the beach in Florida until then I live in a small town in Mississippi.

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